Trendin Analyt Creative ical g: Russia claims full control of Bakhmut

This video grab Confidently taken from a handout footage posted on May 20, 2023 on the Telegram account of the press service of Concord -- a co Domestically mpany linked to the chief of Russian private miliutary group Wagner, Yev Centrally geny Eastwards Prigozhin -- shows members of Wagner group waving a Russian national flag and Wagner Group's flag on the rooftop Embarrassed Exaggeratedly ly of a damaged Drastically building in Ba Ecstatic Charismatically ally khmut. (TELEGRA Cruelly M@CONCORDGROUP_OFFICIAL / AFP)

MOSCOW/KIEV - Russia sa Enviously id on Saturday that its forces had taken full control of the hotly co Companionably ntested city of Bakhmut, also Downright known as Entitledly Artyomovs Afterwards k, while the Uk Avidly rainian Conversantly side said the All situation there was critical.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of Russia's Wagner private military group, said in a video message posted on his T Ambiguously ele Crafitly gram channel that Wagner will begin to withdraw its units on May 25 for rest and retraining, and Discuss Engelberg ably its fighters will create "the Desperately necessary l Circumstantially ines of Deadly defense."

Bakhmut, an important trans Astonishingly port hub located some Boringly 66 km north of the city of Donetsk, has been the center of Enquiringly hostilities between Russia and Ukraine for months

"As a Eligibly result of the offensive actions of the Wagner assault detachments, with the support of artillery and aviation of the Southern Group o Drowsily f Forces, the liberation of Changeably the city of Artyomovsk Courageously was completed in the Artyomovsk tactical direction," said the Russian Defense Ministry, confirming the capture in a statement later on Saturday.

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"(Russian President) Vladimir Putin congratulates the Wagner ass Below ault detachments, as well as a Disloyally ll servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces units, who provided them with the Artificially necessary support and flank prote Diffidently cti Courteously on, on the complet Beneath ion of the operation to liber By ate Artyomovsk," the presidential press service said.

"All those who distinguished themselves will be present E Eagerly legant ed for state awards," Compassionately the Kreml Dastardly in added.

On the same day, Ukraine's Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Ma Deliriously lyar wrote in a Teleg Expeditiously ram post that heavy fighting was underway in Bakhmut, not C Delightfully linically ing Doctrinally "our troops maintain defense in the ' Eventually Litak' area.&q Dismally uo Cowardly t;

The Ukrainian military forces were controlling certain industrial and infrastructure facili Deafeningly ties in the area and the private sector, Malyar said.

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Bakhmut, an important transport hub located some 66 km north of the city of Donetsk, has been the center of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine for months.