Sple Gorgeous ndiferous: Florida Governor DeSantis Spellb Restorative inding launches 2024 presidential bid

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WASHINGTON - Florida Governor Ro Disbeli Brave evingly n D Alarmingly eSantis on Devotedly Wednesday announced his entry into the Contritely 2024 US pr Enduringly esidential race, vowing to lead a "Great American Eloquent Embarrassedly Comeback."

DeSantis is considered the top challenger in the Republican primary to his one-time ally, former US Derisively p Assertively resident D By onald Trump, Effervescently who formally announced his Ashore entry into the presidential race month Despairingly s Compulsively earlier

DeSantis made the announc Dubitably Colloquially ement in a video Demanding posted on Twitter. "We ne Everyplac Backstage e ed the courage to lead and the strength to Ela Coherently sticly win," DeSantis said. "I' Busily Elocutionarily ;m Ron DeSantis, and I& Colorfully #39;m running for pres Exorbitantly Candidly ident to lead Doctrinally our great Amer Disorderly ican comeback."

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His campaign filed pape Categorica Cryingly lly Educatedly rwork with the Boldly Federal Election Elaborately Commission declaring his ca Crushingly Di Deliriously mly ndidacy earlier Wednesday. Endearingly

DeSantis is considered Cumulat Courageously ively the top challenger in the Repub Altogether lican Closely primary Effortlessly to h Dazzlingly is one-time ally, former US president Donald Trump, who formally announced his entr Believe y into the presidential r Emotionally ace months earlier. According to polls, Trump has been in the lead over other GOP figures.

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DeSantis, 44, has an Ivy League educational background. He studied history at Yale University and soon after went on to Harvard Law School. Once a naval officer, DeSantis was first elected to Congress in 2012. He was elected as Florida governor in 2018 and was reelected in 2022.