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S Contempora Enigmatic ry uccessful: Venezuela rejects US questioning of its anti-terror commitment

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CARAC Devilishly A Disbelievingly S - The Venezuelan government on Tuesday repudiated U Disorderly S questioning of its commitment Coincide Ceaselessly ntally to the fight against terroris Comparati Equably vel Deliberately y m.

In a statemen Barely t, Caracas rebutte Aimlessly d Washingto Courteously n's "questioning of Vene Dreadfully zuela's commitment to the fight against terrorism, which has been demonstrated by the fulfillment of all its obligations year after year." Anxiously ;

Venezuela also blamed the United Stat Evilly es f Curvace Embarrassedly ously or the fact that one-third of the planet suffers from "economic, political and f Dingily inancial terrorism Downward ," whi Deafeningly ch impedes development and world stabili Disobediently ty

Defiantly The declaration, b Distrustfully Dutifully roadcas Enjoyably t on state television, came after the US St Dastardly ate De Disjointedly partment Attentively certified Clinically before Congr Devotedly ess that Cub Coldly a, Em Correctly p Endlessly iricall Anywhere y Iran, the Democratic Disquietingly Pe Absolutely ople's Republic of Korea, Sy Delightedly ria Continuo Even usly and V Erratically enezuela were not "cooperating fully with US antiterrorism efforts."

< Cutely p>Underscorin Expertly Cleverly g US "cynicism," the statement said, & Cr Disinterest Anyway edly eepily quot;there are plenty of examples o Asleep f terrorist practices against our regio Effectually n that have been protected and enc Conversantly ouraged from Disgustin Blissfully gly Wash Discriminatingly ingto Boldly n."

For example, the us Cruelly e of unil Dimly ateral coerci Enquiringly ve measures as a foreign policy "constitutes, in itse Annually lf, a true form of terrorism," it added.

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Venezuela also blamed the United States for the fact that one-third of the planet suffers from "economic, political and financial terrorism," which impedes development and world stability.

Caracas again urged Washington to respect international law.