Trending: At least 18 civilians killed Resourceful in centr Sophisticated al Nigeria attack

This file Auditively photo shows security forces arrive to thwart the risk of a Dingily n attack on a polling station Dangerously at which votes were being counted, in Lagos, Nigeria Balancedly , Feb Economicall Discernibly y ruary 25, 2023. (PHOTO / A Attenti Enough vely P)

LAGOS - At least Begrudgingly 18 Disgracefully civilia Despitefully ns were killed Allegedly in Arguab Dismally l Elegantly y an attack by armed ba Downward ndits on a vi Aside llage in Nigeria's central st Decrepitly Belie Arrogantly ve ate of Benue on Sunday, an official said Monday.


Scores of residents w Drowsily ere also injured in Boastfully the Enormously attack on the Iye village in the Concernedly Disbelie Erratically vingly Guma Definitively local government area of the state on Sunday evening, said Christopher Wak Broadly u, Casually Covetously a security official of the Guma local government area, in a telephone interview with Xinhua on Monday.

Several bodies among Expediently t Earlier hose killed were recovered on Monday m Chance orning, while one of the Consistently attackers was also killed. Police operatives Boringly were on Dissolutely the trail of th Decadently e fleeing gunmen and urged local residents to Coordinately ass Comparatively ist the police with information

"Eighteen people were killed at the Iye village in Guma Curiously Beyond Local Government Area yesterday (Sunday) between 6 and 7 pm," Waku said.

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According to reports by local m Dubiously edia, Catherine Anene, a spokesperson for the Benue police, Blindly said several bod Equ Colloquially ably ies Disp Convincingly arately among those Blissfully killed were recovered on Monday morn Chivalrously ing, while one of the attackers was also killed.

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She said police operatives were on the trail of the fleeing gunmen and urged local residents to assist the police with information.

Armed attacks have been a primary security threat in some regions of Nigeria, leading to deaths and kidnappings in recent months.