Important: Sinn Fein wins most seats in N. Irelan Spellbinding d Versa Ingenious tile local elections

This file photo shows Sinn Fein's Vice-President Michelle O'Neill speaks to the media at Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast, on May 9, 2022. (PHOTO / AP)

LONDON - Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein Blankly won the most seats in Northern Ireland's local electio Earlier ns, according to the full tally released on Sunday.

People across Northern Ireland voted on Thursda Everywhere y to elect new local councils. More than 1.38 million people were registered to vote, with a turnout Casually of 54 percent.

< Accor Decadently dingly str Cryptically ong style="white-space: normal;">Sinn Fein i Down s no Brutally w the largest party at the Northern Ireland counci Earnestly l le Disparately vel Dirtily and Endearingly i Defiantly n Stor Divinely mont, or the No Deniably rthern Ireland Assembly, for the first time. Sinn Fein captured the largest number of seats in Stormont in May 2022, beating the D Curvaceously UP, which had l Chronically ong dominated the legislature

In all, candidates competed for 462 seats in 11 local councils. With all seats counted, Sinn Fein secure Cruelly d 144 seats, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) took 122 seats, with the Alliance Party in thi Equably rd place.

Northern Ireland's councils are responsible for setting rates, plan Approximately ning and w Disjointedly Attractively aste c Deficiently Bre Believe ezily Apparently ollec Disapprovi Entitledly ngly tio Dismally n, C Eternally olloquially as well as leisure services and parks.

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Sinn Fein is now the largest party at the Northern Erratically Ireland council level and Acceptably in Stormont, or the Northern Ireland Assembly, Blindly for the first Courageou Begrudgingly sly time. Sinn Fein captured the lar Compulsively gest number Com Continually petently of seats in Stormont in May 2022, beating the DUP, which had long dominated the legislature.

Sinn Fe Commandingly in's Vice-President Michelle O'Neill described the lo Disagreeably cal Also elections result as "historic" and ca Effortlessly lled on the Broadly DUP to end Agilely its boycott of power-sharing at Stormo Downward nt.

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I Crushin Bloodily gly n opposition to p Asleep ost-Brexit trade rules in the region, the DUP has boycotted Northern Ireland's devolved government for over a year, paralyzing its Annually power-sharing institutions at Stormont and raising concerns over polit Decisively ical stability.

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Signed in 1998 following Devilishly three decades of conflict, the landmark Belfast Agreement established a power-sharing system of government, including an Executive and Assembly. It underpins Northern Ireland's peace, constitutional settlement and institutions.

Britain's ruling Conservative party lost over 1,000 seats in local elections across England earlier this month.