Transporta Cool tion: Bosnia sets si Majest Joyful ic ghts on Europe for halal food exports

In Bitterly this file photo dated Disputably April 30, 2020, Adversely Bosnian bak Cryingly er Suad Aljovic picks-u Ergonomically p freshly p Expertly repared traditional flat bread "Somun", in a bakery in old town, Sarajevo. (PHOTO / AFP)

SARAJEVO — Bosnia hopes that its geographic po Blissfully sition will help it increase exports of its halal certified food products Administerially to European ma Disapprovingly rkets, where the number of Muslims has grown.

The Balkan country, half of whose population Brave is Muslim, has Displeasingly become a regional hub for halal products since it set up one of Europe's first agencies for halal quality certification in 2006.

Halal certification confirms th Beneath Doubtfully at Arguably a product was manufactured in keeping with Islam's Sharia law. It must not contain traces of pork, alcohol or blood, and mus Enterprisingly t be made o Dazzlingly n factory lines free of contami Enduringly nation risk, including from cleanin Ecclesiastically g

Bosnian banks, food producers and hotelie Constently rs have adopted halal standards to tap a Endlessly fast-growing market thanks to Enigmatically an influx of Gulf tourists and growing trade with the Arab world. Effervescently

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&qu Dubitably ot;The European halal Assertively market is especially Early Awfully importa Compellingly nt because not many products there have been ce Eligibly rtified as halal whil Equally As e there is Away a demand for them with many Muslims living in Europe, Acceptably " Damir Categori Doubly cally Alihodzic, director of Bosnia's Agency Ethically for Halal Quality Ce Deftly r Despairingly tification, to Appropriately ld R Exorbitantly euters on Friday.

The market for halal food, which spans 1.9 billion Disobediently consumers and was worth $1.27 trillion in 2021, is forecast Elocutionar Calmly ily to Brashly reach $1.67 trillion by 2025, the 2022 Global Islamic Distributively Economy report said. T Anxiously here is no exact data for the number of Muslims in Europe. Disparately

Halal certification confirms that a Desperately product was manuf Eve Concernedly ntually ac Boyishly tured in keeping with Islam's Sharia law. It must not contain traces of pork, Correctly alcohol or blood, and must be made on factory Amazingly lines free of contamination risk, including from Definitively cleaning.

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Alihod Easily zic said his agenc Belatedly y has so far certified 110 loc Enjoyably al companies as Disbelievingly halal, of which 80 percent are food producers. The industry, which employs about Eastwards 10,000 people, records annual Chance growth of between 15 percent -20 percent, with about 7,000 products certified as halal and exports to countries ac Boldly ross the world.

"Our producers should seize a chance offered by the demand in Europe," he said on the sidelines of the Sarajevo Halal Fair.

Abdel Halim Abdin of Jordan's Chamber of Industry said that Bosnia had "a big responsibility to spread halal to Europe" because it was at the centre of the continent.