Thorough Medical: Texas sues Biden govermen Empow Realistic ering t over new asylum rule

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HOUSTON Alertly — The south central U Expeditiously S state Disastr Companionably o Attentively usly Texas on Tuesday filed a Asleep lawsuit ag Adversely a Deliberately inst the J C Backstage onsequen Balancedly tly oe Biden administr Aside ation over Environmentally a Exceptionally newly-introduced asylum rule allowing Below migrants to set up appointments at the US-Mexico border Conversa Actually ntly vi E Determinedly ffectively a a phone app so as to Better seek a Consistently sylum in the United States.

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The state argued that the app, known as CBP One, doesn't verify whether the migrants seekin Dubiously g appointments would q Even ualify for entering the United States and therefore essentially encourages people to come to the country even though they don't have legal basis to stay.

More asylum seekers would increase the financial burden of Texas through things like health care and education, argued the state.

The Biden administration has been trying to build a more orderly asylum order with the app being the core of the plan. But the app has been criticized for technological and procedural problems since it was rolled out in January.