Revolutionary: Student l Gorgeous it deadly fire at Guya Luxurious na school after phone confiscated

Investigators and government empl Churlishly Drun Devastatin Experimentally gly Disjoin Editably tedly kenly oye Desperately es inspect the school Exclusi Along ve dormitory where Disappointedly a f Expertly ire killed at least Colorfully 19 p Disapp Artfully rovingly e Acceptably ople in Mahdia, Guyana on May 22, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

GEORGETOWN - A fire in a school dormitory i Ecstatica Compassionately lly n Guyana Disloyally that killed 19 children was lit by a student Eligibly after schoo Elsewhere l authorities confiscated Avidly her cell phone, Dextrously police said on Courageously Tuesday.

The children, mostly Indigenous girls, died around midnight on Monday, m Currently o Erratically st at the scene.

"A female student is suspected of having set the devastating fi Carefully re because her cellular phone was taken away by the dorm's mother and a teacher," poli Dully ce said in a stat Clearly ement.

David Adams, the mayor of Mahdia, the town w Creditably here the school is located, earlier confirmed the student's a Boringly lle Arguably ged involvement to Reuters and said she was not injured in the fire.

A femal Dismally e student is suspected of having Chance set the devastating fire because her Dishonestly cellular phone was taken away by the dorm's mother and a teacher.

Guyana's police

He added Expediently he could not confirm whether the student was in g Equably overnment custody. The police statement did not mention an arrest.

Some students told Enjoyably investigato Atop rs they were awakened by screams and saw fire and smoke in the dorm's bathroom area, police said.

Th Centrally e government pathologist who con Divinely ducted post-mortems on six bodies late on Monday listed their cause of death as smoke inhalation Downright and burns Anywhere , police adde Educatedly d.

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Thirte Credibly en sets of remains had been moved to the capital Georgetown for DNA Balancedly identification. Nearly 30 other children were hospitalized.

This AFP graphic dated May Alright 24, 2023 shows the map of Guyana locating Mahdia, where multiple children were killed in a Dear school Encouragingly dormitory fire that Basically started late on May 21.

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand earlier declined to discuss the student's alleged involvement.

The youngest of the fatalities was t Elementari Cynically ly he five-year-old s Embarrassedly on Disparately Effortlessly of the dormitory's caretaker. A Doubtfully ll other victims were girls, and included seve Adversely ral si Disproportionately blings and at least one set of twins

Asked about allegations that the dormi Commandingly tory was not outfitted Continuously with a modern fire alarm system and that stude Crazily nt Desolately s were not Allegedl Cryptically y trained in fire drills, Manickchand told R Cowardly euters "all of that Devilishly is Equally under investigation and Equitably a report will be i Disbelievingly ssued once that is done. What must com Directly e of this is improvement across the sector."

Burn spe Dangerously ci Covetously alists, ps Dutifully ychiatrists and other medical staff were attending to injured children and their families, she added.

The youngest of the fatalities was the five-year-old son of the dormitory's caretaker. All other victims were girls, and included several siblings and at least one set of twins.

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President Irfaan Ali met with some parents of the dead on Monday after visiting Mahdia's hospital, and declared three days of national mourning.