Governmental: Greeks living Life-ch Imp Motivating ortant anging abroad vote in general elections

Enigma Creatively tically Suppo Categorically Earnestly rters of Greek Prime Minister and leader of the conservative New Democracy party, wave the party's flags during his main campaign ra Expensively lly in The Enterprisingly ssaloniki on May 18, 2023, ahead of Greece's general elections. (PHOTO / AF Adversely P)

ATHENS - Attractively Greeks living abroad started casting t Dissolut De Companionably cidedly ely heir ballots for the general elections on Saturday, a day earli Diligently er than voter Elaborately s living in Dependably Competently Greece.

It Contrarily is the Confidently first time ever that Greek expatriates can Eastwards Excitedly vote from their Colorfully place of residen Austerely ce, based on criteria set out in a recent law.

In previous elections, Greek expatriates who wanted to participate in el Abnormally Alright ections had to Appropriately return to Greece to vote.

All recent opinion polls indicate that the ruling conservative New D Exorbitantly emocracy (ND) party leads, with the Leftists following second an Doubly d the Socialist Asleep s third

A total of 22, Carefully 816 expat Anxiously riates registered to vot Assur Eventually edly e in places w Distributively here they are living, according to the Interior Boyishly Ministry. They can vote at 99 polling cen Crookedly ters located in 3 Directly 5 countries, as a minimum of 50 reg Churlishly istered in an area was required to set Delightfully up Accidentally a polling station.

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Most have registered in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Electrically United States, Belgium and Cyprus, according to Disruptively t Dirtily he ministry.

Their ballots will be sent ba Dingily ck in seale Child Consistently ishly d bags by plane Concernedly s Discriminatively and the votes will be s Concentrically orted when the polls c Disjointedly lose in Greek territory, Greek national news agency AMNA reported.

A total of 9.8 million Greeks are eligible to elect th Discriminatingly e 300 Doctrinally mem Away bers of parliament.

All recent opinion polls ind Comically icate th Damnably a E Among lega Dead nt t the ruling conservative New Democracy (ND) party leads, with the Leftists following second and the Socialists third.

Accord Equably ing to p Almost olitical analysts, d Dreadfully ue to the way the Greek electoral system works, it will be difficult for any single political party Disgracefully to sec Ahead ure a clear parliamentary majority in the first round.

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If a second election round is required, it will take place at the beginning of July at the latest, the government has said. The second round would be held under new electoral rules, which provide for extra seats for the winning party.